Resin Pendant Instructions

Here are the step-by-step instructions for making your resin pendant. Please read over it before starting. You might want to use gloves. Also you will need a small torch or a lighter.

  1. Remove the pendants and items from the bag.
  2. Keep the pendants on the blue resin tape.
  3. If you want to - you can cut the plastic of the A and B pots to separate them from each other to make the pouring a bit easier for you.
  4. Pour out every drop of the resin marked A into the plastic mixing cup using the wood stick.
  5. Pour out every drop of the resin marked B into the cup and mix them well for about a minute. Do not mix it fast as this creates more bubbles.
  6. Once you have mixed the resin for a minute, set it aside and make sure that your pendants are on the resin tape securely and there is space all around each pendant.
  7. Decide if you want to use the charms provided in your kit, or the lavender buds into your pendant. You can use both if you wish.
  8. Pour a small amount of the resin into the pendant and move it around to cover the entire cavity.
  9. Use your torch or light on the resin carefully to pop all of the bubbles. 
  10. Set your charm or buds in place.
  11. Pour resin over the charm and do not overfill. Make sure that the entire pendant is covered to the edges.
  12. Repeat steps 8-11 for the second pendant.
  13. Use your torch or lighter to pop the remaining bubbles from the top layer of your resin.
  14. Set your pendants aside and cover with a glass or bowl to keep it from lint or dirt.
  15. Wait 24 hours for the resin to cure and remove from the tape. 
  16. Use the bulb pin and chain to wear as a necklace or you can attach the bulb pin to a key chain or junk jounal dangle.

I would love to see your pendant. You can email me a picture to or send it to me on fb or ig.

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