Trash to Treasure Student Desk

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Have you ever gone dumpster diving? Technically I have not, but my hubby has a few times on my behalf. He is constantly finding things in the dumpster of where he works and brings them home for me. 

This last time he found three small student desks, a trunk, a wood chair, and a bar stool.... stay tuned for more trash to treasure make overs.

Student Desk - before

In this post, I took one of the student desks and gave it new life for my grandson's 5th birthday gift.  

Do see all of the rust? This was the best desk out of the three... the others had a lot of the veneer coming off. I did have to glue and clamp the veneer under the seat on this one.

I cleaned it off and then I sprayed on a clear coat to seal in the rust. Then I used DIY Paint Prom Queen on the metal portion of the desk. I used Hey Sailor on the seat and back rest.

DIY Paint will adhere to almost anything and it has amazing coverage. I ended up decoupaging the top and seat with Roycycled Jellies decoupage paper, IOD Typesetting Stamp and China Blue Ink for the win.

To see the total transformation - watch my shorts video on YT.

I brought the finished desk to his birthday party at the park and he loved it. It's a perfect fit. Even Granny got to sit on it and I think it is a perfect fit for her too. :)


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