Decoupaging a Woven Basket

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Did you know that you can decoupage onto a woven basket? Yes you can!

I have a serious napkin obsession and I have several totes that are overflowing with them and napkin scraps. So I thought I would make over this large basket and see how many napkins I could stuff in there but I hated the red color. So, I thought I would decoupage it with napkins to hold my napkins... We shall see how many I can fit in here. If I can't fit them all - then I will have to get another basket decoupaged lol

I took this RED basket - and I sprayed it with Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Blush Pink. I typically DO NOT do that because DIY Paint is so great and covers everything so well.... But I didn't want to have the red peaking out when I distressed it and I was in a hurry to do a live.

Then I painted it with DIY Paint in Bead Board using a Cling On Brush.

I separated a few napkins from their plys and I had several already separated. I always save the 1-2 white plys for decoupaging... I used several IOD Stamps to stamp onto the napkins using IOD Black and Stone Grey Ink. Once I stamped the entire napkin, I used a water pen (or you could use a small artist brush dipped in water) to create a line in which to tear the designs from the napkin into smaller sections for decoupaging.

On one of the the napkins, I stamped Kindest Regards in Stoney Grey and then used the Sprigs stamps right over in Black. 



Once I had a pile of napkins ready to go and cut up (using the water method mentioned above), I began applying them to the basket using DIY Paint Big Top and my Cling On S30.

Napkins are very fragile so you will want to be extra careful when handling them and decoupaging them. I prefer to position them where I want to have it, and then apply the decoupage medium over the napkin. The brush will lay the napkin down and because the napkin is so very thin, the product will seep right through allowing you to decoupage it with little to no effort at all.

You can even apply it around the corner. Just go slow and try not to pull the napkin. I also went over to the inside of the basket on the top pieces.

You could leave it black and white and it looks great or do what I did... 

Next, I applied my small colorful napkin pieces throughout the basket. You can add as little or as many napkin pieces as you want.

Using napkins gives you the ability to have many layers. It also melts right into the background so that it appears to be stamped onto the basket or whatever you are decoupaging. You can see the background stamps through the napkins. If you do not want to see the black in coming through over the napkins, you could paint that section before applying your second layer.

Here is the finished basket. Let me know what you think and if you try it.



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